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Our Mission

We connect established cannabis companies with quality Cannabis Consultants for the sole purpose of sharing in successful referrals.

When you join the CBC, you get the inside track to the Cannabis Industry–saving you countless hours of time, aggravation, and even money!

Our CannaPartners rely on quality referrals from quality professional consultants. And they also recognize that this is a new industry and that we ALL are growing together, so don’t worry if you are arriving as a “newbie”–our CannaPartners are happy to spend time with you to help you identify a great referral for them. And then they will update you throughout the process. They WANT to receive your professional referrals–it’s why they are here! You may be new, but you’re not alone!

On day one of your membership, you’ll have an instant network of cannabis professionals who want to engage with you! It’s a great feeling to be able to finally say “I know a few people in the industry that provide those services….let me get you two connected…”

Member Benefits

We developed this program for professionals who want to participate in the cannabis industry, without a large investment or standard retail hours.

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Looking for contacts in the Cannabis Industry? Or are you looking for a cannabis industry job? Or perhaps you want to start or grow your cannabis business? Or maybe you want to be a more valuable resource for your own grow, dispensary or testing facility, CBD store, etc.? We can help there too! 

The CBC can fast track your efforts! Join Now!

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Become a CannaPartner!

If your company is in the cannabis industry and wants to receieve quality referrals from professionally trained Cannabis Consultants, we may have room for you in our network.

We are interested in existing professional organizations or companies that want to expand their business and network through referrals.

And yes, we require that all CannaPartners happily share in the fees collected by the clients referred to them by our Consultants! And yes, we do mean “happily”!

We also are seeking organizations that fully appreciate the referrals they receive. These are valuable sources of long-term revenue for the CannaPartners AND the Cannabis Consultant, so if your organization is ready to grow and support inquiries and referrals, please reach out and we’ll be in touch.

Join a Franchise

Interested in joining a cannabis franchise? Get started now!

How CBC is helping
the Cannabis Industry

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