Barriers to Entry

Cultivating the Cannabis Community

The cannabis industry is rich with opportunities and yes it is full of people who want to get rich!

While most people envision owning “a grow” or a legal cannabis dispensary, there are so many other options for entrepreneurs.

And while joining the legal cannabis industry can be a challenge, there is no reason why you should “go it alone”. There are other equally cool and fun ways to participate. We’d like to show you how! It is what we are all about!

Below are some of the challenges that we believe your membership in the CBC will help you overcome or completely avoid:

It can be a tough industry to break into and unless you already know someone in the industry, where do you start? You've already started! You're here now and we have your network of cannabis industry professionals waiting to welcome you and help you get started!

All the big money is showing up with legal teams, application writers, and money! Instead of fighting these goliaths, we embraced them and often even work with them. Like any industry, the larger business entities "the suits" are needed and play a critical role. We work with all companies big and small with a single goal in mind--a successful and profitable referral!

1 of 2 things got you to this page. You’re an entrepreneur and see what is coming or you’re a fan of cannabis and want to work in an industry you already love. Both are 100% fine, but neither money nor enthusiasm alone will get you into the cannabis industry, it takes contacts and you need some knowledge. The CBC has what you need.

Your traditional sources of business advice or guidance are likely ill-informed or will question you with a cautious eye when you tell them your intentions. The people working and earning a great living in the cannabis industry won’t. They’ll provide you with answers to your questions and often be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to attaining financing after your bank says no (which they will) or help you get your grow or dispensary license approved. It is a different kind of industry, but thankfully there are already established professionals who are routinely welcoming employees, growers, dispensary owners, and even cannabis themed business networking events!! Going to the regular business community is frustrating, but not the existing cannabis community—they’ve been there themselves not that long ago!

Membership in the CBC gives you the starting point to finally get moving as well as the opportunity to learn about a wide range of topics, meet some great industry people!

My instructor and mentor told us to read just one article on cannabis or the industry each day and before we know it, we’ll be the smartest people in the room. She was right. And people in the industry take notice. It was very simple, but very good advice.”
Cannabis & Networking Entrepreneur

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