Break into the explosive legal cannabis industry

We developed this program specifically for people who want to participate in the cannabis industry, without a large investment or standard retail hours. This program will allow you to be involved in multiple aspects of this new industry.

US Citizens who are cannabis users
Americans who favor legalizing recreational marijuana
Have legalized marijuana for
medical use

Why Become A
Cannabis Consultant

Join a high-demand, high-growth, recession-resistant industry!

Flexible Business Model

This is a home based business model with the flexibility to work part-time or full-time. It is an immediate entrance into the legal cannabis industry—you’ll be able to help people in your first week!

Unlimited Potential

This is a business model you can scale as desired. There is unlimited income potential that is based strictly on the amount of network referrals you bring to the CannaPartners and your additional industry opportunities are near endless!

No Red Tape

It is an immediate entrance into the legal cannabis industry—you’ll be able to help people in your first week! No prior cannabis industry experience necessary! You don’t need to be an expert in any area—you really just need to know who to contact!

Low Overhead, Low Startup Investment

You’ll bring your cannabis business community together, which elevates your industry standing and makes you the “go to person” when someone needs help—a great position that normally takes years to attain!

Benefits of Becoming A
Cannabis Consultant

Access to proven cannabis industry professionals who are eager to receive referrals from you.

Each CBC CannaPartner joined up specifically to accept your referrals, work with your clients, and when a successful transaction takes place, they'll happily share in their fees collected! And it is all clearly spelled out in our Member section.

No industry experience is required! Most people working in the legal cannabis industry today arrived with little or no related experience. It's ok, we understand!

CBC Cannabis Consultants work closely with our CannaPartners in order to understand their services and offerings. It helps our Consultants to refer the right people to our CannaPartners.

Become a CBC Consultant

Play a key role in developing and supporting your local and regional cannabis communities.

As A CBC Cannabis Consultant
you will also be able to:

Roadmapfor Success


Consider what the CBC offers you and how those Member Benefits can help. We have spent years developing the CBC and you need to consider if we can help you. We know we can, but this part is up to you!


Talk to us in detail about who you are, what you'd like to accomplish and ask us plenty of questions. We are seeking reasonable and realistic business professionals. While you don't have to have consultation or even cannabis experience, but you do need to able to speak to people and be a good listener. We can help with the rest.


Request to join and get started. We provide a very straightforward "Getting Started" kit that will allow you to be up and running (or walking or maybe even strolling) within a week. No, you won't be an industry expert day 1, but you'll have access and agreements with many industry experts who are!

Become a Cannabis Consultant Now!

Our CannaPartners referral training and network provides you with everything you need to enter and grow in the legal cannabis industry. You’ll be helping to develop your local cannabis community and will bring them needed resources and people—all while getting paid for your efforts!

Become A

By joining our national network of Cannabis Consultants you’ll have instant access to cananbis professionals who are waiting to help train you, answer any questions that you have and more importantly, pay you for successful referrals that you send to them!  While you may choose to focus on a specific business segment, please know that we were built for speed--and on your first day you’ll have everything you need to get started and even add value! You’ll immediately have a team to support your client’s needs, so being a subject matter expert is NOT required!  And yes, you’ll be trained on how to identify and engage with clients who need your help! Join us! It’s nice here! 

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