Committee Insights | 8.16.22 | Cannabis Consumption Lounges & the Next Wave of Hospitality Disruption

In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series originally aired on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 members of Risk Management & Insurance Committee convened a panel of cannabis regulators and legal experts alongside leading event and hospitality operators to provide cannabusiness professionals the inside scoop on new regulations being adopted to manage/establish cannabis consumption establishments.

Dive deep into the ins & outs of Michigan’s cutting edge regulatory structure and learn from those operating in the space across the country with our panel of experts.

Learning Objectives
• Review of leading edge regulatory framework providing a model for MI consumption lounges
• Highlight the license structure for temporary events – how do consumption, sales and/or both formats function within this framework?
• How have these regulations evolved since first adoption?
• Review dram shop liability and offer an educationally lensed analysis
• Discuss how that may or may not be a good framework to apply to cannabis?


Andrew Brisbo
Cannabis Regulators Association

Tatiana Grant
Infused PR & Events

Jodi Green
Special Counsel
Miller Nash LLP

Mathew Grimes
Director of Operations
Oregon Cannabis Association

Session Chapters & Discussion Outline

00:00 – Session Intro

01:27 – Moderator Intro

02:22 – Panelist Intros

06:26 – Background Story of Tatiana Grant Receiving 1st Marijuana Event Organizer License in Michigan

10:06 – Specific Challenges to Overcome as an Marijuana Event Organizer Licensee Holder – Taking on Product Liability and Insurance Requirements

13:52 – How Rules Surrounding Product Liability and Insurance Requirements Were Changed for Marijuana Event Organizer Licenses

20:51 – Exploring an Umbrella Policy and Vendor Contracts

24:44 – From a Regulator’s Perspective, What Are the Challenges to Establishing Rules Around Consumption Lounges and Event Licenses?

27:45 – Testing for Impairment

31:18 – Future Landscape for Marijuana Event Organizer Licensee Holders in Michigan

35:35 – Potential for DRAM Shop Laws to Pertain to the Cannabis Industry

40:49 – How Companies Can Protect from Themselves from Both Criminal and Civil Liabilities Surrounding Intoxication?

47:38 – Audience Q&A

54:53 – Final Thoughts

55:19 – Speaker Contact Info & Session Outro

1:00:11 – Program Outro & Member Appreciation Credit Sequence

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