Cracking the Code – Unraveling the Challenge of Coverage for Novel Cannabinoids | 8.8.23 | Committee Insights

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In this edition of our Committee Insights series, originally aired on August 8, NCIA’s Risk Management & Insurance Committee explored why insurance for novel cannabinoids can be such a challenging code to crack. Our discussion will help you navigate through liability and legislative loopholes, offering a clearer understanding of your exposure, while considering the patchwork of federal and state requirements.

In case you missed it, in conjunction with this session they’ve also released the third edition of their “Risk Management and Insurance Manual” specifically exploring this subject, which is available for download on NCIA’s website here:

You’ll leave with a better understanding of how unravel the complexities of insuring novel cannabinoids and equipped with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions regarding your insurance coverage. Whether you’re a cannabis business owner, a risk manager, an insurance professional, or anyone with an interest in this topic, this webinar will provide you with practical takeaways to safeguard your products, operations, and workforce.

Tune in as we crack the code to safeguard your products, operations and workforce!

Learning Objectives

• Defining Novel Cannabinoids
• Challenges in Insuring Novel Cannabinoids
• Navigating Liability, Loopholes, & Legislation
• Tips for Effective Policy Interpretation


C Cimone Casson
Cannas Capital

Summer Jenkins
Executive Director
Cannabis Insurance Wholesalers

Dr. Brenda Wells
Distinguished Professor / Director of Risk Management & Insurance Program
East Carolina University

Merril Gilbert

Adam Patt
iCann Insure, LLC

Presentation Slide Deck:

Session Chapters & Discussion Outline:

00:12 – Session Intro

02:31 – Moderator & Panel Intro

40:51 – Audience Q&A #1

47:06 – Audience Q&A #2

48:22 – Audience Q&A #3

54:55 – Final Thoughts

58:43 – Session Outro

01:01:14 – Credit Sequence (Member Appreciation)

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