Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting and communicating with suppliers, vendors, manufactures and educators who are already serving the industry. You’ll have resources well beyond what a simple Google search could ever provide.

Ongoing industry updates that will impact your business!

Local meet ups, seminars, and networking opportunities. You’ll connect with local like-minded business people who are committed to their success—and yours!

CBC logo usage to let the industry know that you’re committed to being a true cannabis professional!

Educational forums designed to help you make better decisions, gain industry recognition and be more successful.

Free legal advice from legal professionals who specialize in the cannabis industry. This free consultation alone can be an invaluable resource for your new business.

Joining the CBC provides you with instant access to members who can help you achieve more success in less time while avoiding the usual missteps that most new businesses experience.

Well, that depends on if you want a job or want to own your own business. And even then the opportunities can be hard to find and even harder to take advantage of. Entrepreneurs have begun to embrace franchised models and business opportunities that have already overcome the business planning, licensing requirements, legal considerations, store design etc. By using these tested entities, they are able to safely enter the industry with a lot of seasoned help. You can inquire about Cannabis Franchises Here

No, it’s the perfect time. WIth the majority of states either decriminalizing cannabis or passing laws making it legal for medical or recreational use, most industry experts believe it is only a matter of time before federal legislation is passed or more likely, your state catches up. Being away of the landscape before it is crowded is a very good idea. Perhaps you’ll be the one helping to establish your own cannabis business community in your area? The CBC Directory can help you find out who is in your community.

Maybe. But you can increase your odds of employment by showing that you’re serious about having a career in the cannabis industry by attending legitimate online or in-person cannabis business training. Yes, you are able to list a cannabis training certificate on your resume and you’ll like meet some great local people during your studies. Those people may end up employing you or working for you one day! Visit the CBC Approved Cannabis Education Providers

Well, the people you’ll meet are serious business people, but also pretty darn cool overall. They really do seem to have a comfortable mix of work and play and more often than not, they are welcoming and seem to appreciate that they are participating in the early growth stages of what will become mainstream one day.
Thankfully there are more and more cannabis business conferences in various cities each year. There really is no slowing these events down as event show organizations, local business communities, and even local dispensaries host meet ups regularly, Check out the events section inside the CBD Directory for local events near you.
Well, you have to start by learning more about what options the cannabis industry has to offer, where they are, and who you need to talk to, etc. We offer a directory to allow you to sign up for industry newsletters that have proven to be instrumental in getting someone from being interested to being of value to an employer or a business partner.
We’d love to say “no” but that wouldn’t be true. Yes, as with many other heavily regulated businesses, success favors the connected and the wealthy. The playing field is somewhat leveled through cannabis franchises. They have a seasoned legal team, licensing departments, funding sources, etc. They can cut through that red tape and show up with a team to help! Get connected with cannabis franchises.