New York Crackdown Begins Against Unlicensed Cannabis Activity

As we recently reported (here), Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation granting the state Office of Cannabis Management (“OCM”) certain enforcement powers with respect to unlicensed cannabis activity in the State of New York. Several of the new enforcement tools at OCM’s disposal include:

Issuing civil fines for unlicensed sellers.
OCM and the New York State Department of Tax and Finance (“DOF”) new powers to conduct surprise inspections, seize illegal products, and obtain court injunctions against unlicensed sellers.
New power for the DOF to fine cannabis dealers who aren’t paying the proper state taxes.
A new tax fraud crime.
A provision that reestablishes selling cannabis without a license as a criminal offense.

The power to levy Civil Penalties/Fines by the OCM to illicit cannabis shops can be up to $10,000 per day for anyone who cultivates for sale or sells cannabis without having appropriate registration, with an additional civil penalty up to five (5) times the revenue from the prohibited activities possible as well. Additionally, if the shop ignores the demand to cease illicit activities, the civil penalty may be increased up to $20,000 per day.

New York and the OCM have started the crackdown on illicit shops in earnest this week.  Governor Hochul announced that 31 stores were issued violations and approximately $11 million and counting has been seized in unlicensed cannabis.  It is reported that of the 31 stores, 22 of them were in downtown Manhattan and the rest in the Southern Tier of New York.

By taking decisive action against unlicensed cannabis businesses, New York State is hoping to make significant strides towards cracking down on unlawful cannabis operations that jeopardize public safety and the burgeoning legal market. We will continue to follow this story as we approach New York’s anticipated opening of the adult-use application portal in the fall!

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